5 Signs You Should Consider a Breast Reduction

Breast ReductionA breast reduction goes through the minds of many women. If you’ve been thinking about it, the following are 5 signs you should book a consultation with Suffolk Plastic Surgeons, PC.

#1: Pain

Breasts can weigh a lot and may cause pain in your shoulders, upper back, and neck. Reducing the size of the breasts reduces the weight, which will relieve the pressure on those areas. Women with large breasts usually suffer from redness, rashes and on occasion, open wounds. Most patients report their reduction changed their lives because they no longer suffer with pain every day.

#2: Unwanted Attention

It’s hard not see them, no matter what you wear. As much as you want attention, your breasts are bringing the wrong kind of attention. This can be especially bothersome at work or at social functions where you want to be noticed for your intelligence and personality rather than the size of your chest. A breast reduction reduces the breasts to a size where the real you can be seen.

#3: Troubled Sleep

It can be difficult to find a position to sleep when your breasts are in the way. Lying on your side means the breasts fall to that side, causing pain. Lying on your back can seem like an elephant is sitting on your chest. Lying on your stomach isn’t comfortable either because it’s almost impossible to lie flat. Reducing the size of the breasts can make all these positions possible.

#4: Difficulty Finding Clothes

Finding clothes that fit large breasts can be difficult. Some simply won’t fit in the chest, and those that do, may be too large in other areas. This can make an outfit just not “look” right. It may also keep a woman from wearing more trendy styles.

A breast reduction will make it possible to wear just about any clothing in a comfortable and beautiful way. The breasts will be in proportion to the body.  Showing too much cleavage will be a thing of the past.

#5: Hard to Exercise

Large breasts can make exercising or any physical activity nearly impossible. A sports bra big enough for large breasts may not provide the support needed to run, jump, or even strength train. The breasts can easily get in the way and slow down activity levels.

A reduction of the breasts will make it much easier to be physically active. Sports bras will be able to support all the areas of the breasts and keep them in place. It will be easier to lift weights because you can lift your arms without the breasts getting in the way. Patients often report they can breathe better as well because they aren’t carrying around the weight of their breasts when they are running or walking.

Making the Decision to Seek a Breast Reduction

We know you’ve probably gone back and forth many times about getting a breast reduction. It can be a difficult decision to make because your breasts are a special part of you. The best way to know if this procedure is right for you is to ask yourself “will my quality of life improve if I have them reduced?”  If the answer is yes, then the next step is to schedule a consultation. A consultation will help you learn more about the procedure and ask specific questions, including the cost.  A breast reduction, unlike a number of cosmetic procedures, can sometimes be put through insurance.   A pre-determination will be submitted to your health insurance company, who,  based upon certain criteria, will determine your eligibility under the plan.

Contact Suffolk Plastic Surgeons, PC for a Breast Reduction

Suffolk Plastic Surgeons, PC is a cosmetic and reconstructive practice located in East Setauket, NY. Our board-certified plastic surgeons are highly experienced in breast reduction.  Contact us now at 631-364-0333 to schedule a consultation. We would love to help you achieve the look you want.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Reconstruction Options

Breast Cancer Reconstruction

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Many women eligible for breast reconstruction following cancer surgery are not being informed of their choices. All women should know their options!

Studies have revealed*:
• Only 23 percent of women know the complete range of breast reconstruction options available
• Only 19 percent of women understand that the timing of their treatment for breast cancer and the timing of their decision to undergo reconstruction can greatly impact their options and results

Our Breast Reconstruction procedure restores a natural, symmetrical appearance to breasts, maintains body proportion, allows clothes to fit better, and most important of all, boosts self-confidence for women who have had one or both breasts removed via mastectomy or who lack breasts due to a genetic or developmental abnormality.

The goal of the reconstructive surgeons at Suffolk Plastic Surgeons, PC is to create a new breast and nipple that resemble the woman’s natural breast as closely as possible in shape, size and position. The reconstruction itself consists of multiple surgeries, the first of which involves creation of the breast mound and is performed during or after mastectomy in a hospital under general anesthesia. Follow-up surgeries may be done in an outpatient facility, under either general or local anesthesia.

There are several ways to reconstruct the breast, both with and without implants; Suffolk Plastic Surgeons will work help you to decide which one is best for you.

Reconstruction Options

The most common procedure combines skin expansion in the breast area with implant insertion. First, your surgeon will insert a balloon expander beneath the skin and chest muscle where your reconstructed breast will be located. A saline (salt water) solution is then injected into the expander through a tiny valve beneath the skin over a few weeks or months, eventually filling it and stretching the skin. The expander may then be left in that place or replaced with a breast implant. A final procedure reconstructs the nipple and areola. Not all patients require the tissue expansion and can begin with the implant.


Another reconstruction option is a deep inferior epigastric perforator (DIEP) flap. This procedure uses skin and tissue from the abdominal area to recreate the breast mound after a mastectomy. In the majority of cases, there is enough excess fat and skin in the tummy area to create a new breast mound and restore the breast appearance. A DIEP flap does not involve moving any muscle tissue, and will result in less pain and shorter recovery times. Patients may also benefit from a flatter and more toned abdomen after skin and fat are removed.

The recurrence of cancer, chemotherapy or radiation treatment will not be affected by breast reconstruction. However, in additional to the complications that may arise after any surgical procedure, there are some risks that can occur, including infection around the implant, if an implant is used, and capsular contracture, when the scar around the implant tightens, causing the breast to feel hard.

If you’re a breast cancer survivor whose cancer was eradicated with mastectomy, you are a candidate for breast reconstruction. Women with health problems such as obesity and/or high blood pressure and those who smoke are advised to wait. Contact Suffolk Plastic Surgeons PC at 631-364-0333 for your breast reconstruction consultation!

*Source: American Society of Plastic Surgeons

Breast Procedures: What’s the best for me?

breast procedures

Women may decide to undergo cosmetic plastic surgery to enlarge, lift or reduce their breasts. Some undergo surgery to achieve a balance in size or shape for their breasts. Whatever the motivation, breast surgery is safer and recovery is easier now than ever before. If you are unhappy and have lost your self confidence due to breast size and/or shape, take a second to review the list of breast services we have to offer.

BREAST AUGMENTATION: Breast augmentation is one of the most frequently performed cosmetic surgery procedures in the U.S. and one of our most popular services. Breast augmentation may give women with small or unevenly sized breasts a fuller, firmer, better-proportioned look through the placement of saline or silicone implants in the breast.

BREAST LIFT: A woman’s breasts may droop as a result of the natural effects of aging, heredity, gravity, pregnancy, breastfeeding or weight loss. A breast lift is performed to return youthful shape and lift to breasts that have sagged or lost volume and firmness.

BREAST REDUCTION: Large breasts can cause pain, improper posture, rashes, breathing problems, and low self-esteem. Breast reduction surgery is usually done to provide relief from these symptoms. This procedure removes fat and tissue and tightens skin to produce smaller, lighter breasts that are in a healthier proportion to the rest of the body.

BREAST RECONSTRUCTION: Breast reconstruction restores a natural, symmetrical appearance, maintains body proportion, and boosts self-confidence for women who have lost one or both breasts to mastectomy or who lack breasts due to a congenital or developmental abnormality. Reconstructive surgeons strive to create a new breast and nipple that resemble the woman’s natural breast as closely as possible in shape, size and position.

We can help you make an informed decision and achieve the most satisfying results. If you are interested in learning more, or would like to schedule an appointment, please call us today: 631-751-4400.



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